Nicole Gaitan

Jackson Hole, WY



All Life is An Experiment

Over the past few years, I've come into myself. I've let go of insecurities in life and in my art. I've set goals, I've gone on adventures, I've scared the hell out of myself and most of all I've learned so much.

All Life is an Experiment is really the essence of how I'd like to live my life. My art is a reflection of that. Ralph Waldo Emerson is perhaps my favorite writer and philosopher and he said it best with this simple quote. Why not make the most out of life by experimenting with the short time we have on this Earth?

I've always tried to make life exciting, and I thought, up until I turned 29, that I was doing everything I could to live a fulfilling and adventurous life... but, that minute I turned 29 -- that realization that my twenties were nearly over -- was the minute everything clicked. It's time to take advantage of my freedom and my youth... two things you can never get back.

I hope this is reflected in my art and I hope my bold use of color inspires you to make more adventures and experimental decisions in your day-to-day life.


Born 1984 in Jackson Hole, WY
Bachelors in the Arts from UCSC - Santa Cruz, CA 2006
Masters of the Arts National University - Santa Clara, CA 2011
Voted Best Emerging Artist in Jackson Hole 2014, 2015
Represented by Horizon Fine Art Gallery from 2006-2013 - Jackson Hole, WY
Represented by Grand Teton Gallery - Jackson Hole, WY
Represented by Paderewski Gallery Beaver Creek, CO

Solo Shows and Representations

River Street Solo Exhibition - Santa Cruz 2007
Motiv Solo Exhibition - Santa Cruz 2008
Hoffman's Bistro First Friday Solo Exhibition Featured Artist - Santa Cruz 2010
Hoffman's Bistro First Friday Solo Exhibition Featured Artist - Santa Cruz 2011
River Cafe Solo Exhibition - Santa Cruz 2012
Main Street Cafe Solo Exhibition - Capitola 2012
Q Roadhouse - Jackson Hole 2013
Horizon Fine Art Gallery Solo Exhibition - Jackson Hole 2013
Cowboy Coffee - Jackson Hole 2014
Q Roadhouse - Jackson Hole 2014
Brokers of Jackson Hole - Jackson Hole 2014
Westbank Anglers - Victor ID Current
Grand Teton Gallery - Jackson Hole Current
Teton Springs - Victor ID Current
Outwest - Bozeman MT Current
Elevated Grounds Coffee - Jackson Hole - 2015
Jackson Whole Grocer - November 2015
ArtFest Scottsdale - November 2015
Festival of the Arts Phoenix - December 2015
Wonderland Market Scottsdale - December 2015
Tempe Festival of the Arts - April 2016


Red Rooster by Nicole Gaitan


Karl by Nicole Gaitan


Turquoise Lake at Mt. Elbert by Nicole Gaitan


Spirit Guide by Nicole Gaitan


Karl by Nicole Gaitan


The Tetons from Walton Ranch by Nicole Gaitan


Little Griz by Nicole Gaitan


Buddha by Nicole Gaitan


Perry by Nicole Gaitan


Deep Red Bells by Nicole Gaitan


Country Blues by Nicole Gaitan


After Midnight by Nicole Gaitan


Red Raven by Nicole Gaitan


Soar by Nicole Gaitan


The Polka by Nicole Gaitan


Sweet Blue by Nicole Gaitan


Blue by Nicole Gaitan


Rush Hour by Nicole Gaitan


Lilly by Nicole Gaitan


Be Yourself by Nicole Gaitan


Dallas by Nicole Gaitan


A Little Love by Nicole Gaitan


Coop Colonel by Nicole Gaitan


Bandit by Nicole Gaitan


Yes No Maybe by Nicole Gaitan


Keep Calm and Dachshund by Nicole Gaitan